Your Summer Home Maintenance Checklist


Your to-do list always seems to have some kind of home maintenance project on it, especially when a new season begins. Between your pool days and backyard BBQs, make sure you work consistently on the upkeep of your home. Not sure where to start? Luckily, we’re here to help.


  1. Check the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your home. It’s recommended that you do this once a month, so be sure you’re always putting this at the top of your checklist.
  2. Prep your air conditioner. The sweltering heat means that your A/C and fans are going to be working hard to keep you cool. Be sure you keep units clean and switch out the filters once a month in order to make sure there’s no disastrous break down and that they’re operating at peak performance during the few months you need them.
  3. Keep your grill clean. It may have been months since the last time you fired up the outdoor cooker for burgers and steaks, so give it a deep cleaning. The burnt residue of last year’s forgotten hot dogs won’t improve the flavor of this year’s hot dogs.
  4. Give yourself a porch worth perching on this summer. Dirt and debris can accumulate on your porch, especially after a harsh winter. Sweeping and mopping your porch can do a lot to refresh the atmosphere and make it the perfect place to enjoy those summer evenings.
  5. Detail your deck. It’s important to hammer in any nails that are coming up and could cause someone to trip. Check for rotting and see if it might be time to reseal it.
  6. So mulch to do for your garden. Mulch keeps weeds down and can help your plants retain the moisture that the summer sun tries to take from them. You should also find time to get rid of the dead foliage and let your plants focus their energy on the healthy parts of the garden that are trying to bloom. Train your garden for the hot and dry days by setting up a new watering schedule. Water a few times a week with more water than you usually add rather than watering them lightly every day. It helps promote strong and deep roots.


We hope this summer checklist won’t interfere with any of your plans and will make your house the hub for all the season’s best get-togethers. If you or a loved one are looking for a new neighborhood that offers everything you need for a fun family summer, we’re here to help you find that dream home!

Expert Curb Appeal Tips for Your Rental Property

Curb appeal done well can be the beginning of a beautiful love story, but if neglected your property can seem more like a house of horrors.

Curb appeal will make or break your listing, whether you are selling or renting your property.  Many home buyers or renters won’t even set foot inside a home if they don’t like the looks from the outside. First impressions mean everything in real estate and property rentals. In many cases your first showing is the only opportunity you get to impress your potential tenant.

With that in mind, here are a few tips to ensure you are putting your best foot forward and attracting, rather than repelling potential tenants.

Curb Appeal 101: Clean Up the Yard

We mean this as it applies to actual trash, debris or tree limbs, as well as the lawn.  Once the surface clean-up has been taken care of, cut the grass and clean up other foliage on the property.  Shrubs should be cut back according to their appropriate standards and shape.  Don’t try to get creative, no Edward Scissorhands sculptures necessary.  Make sure that you don’t cut them too far back either, you want to make sure the plants all look well maintained and appealing to anyone interested in the home so it doesn’t look like too much maintenance.

Add Attractive Color to Your Property’s Landscape

Bright, pretty and climate-appropriate flowers are an excellent way to infuse character, as well as make your property feel more inviting to visitors.  Lay mulch in flower beds and ensure that they are well defined with clean lines and defined separation from the lawn.  Add a nice border if appropriate. Be certain what you choose matches the look and feel of the property or consult a landscaping service.

We can help get your property ready for all the new Austinites that are pouring into the area every day!

Pressure Wash Sidewalks, Driveways and Siding

Details that will make your property stand out above the rest are imperative.  The more effort you put in, the more you get out of your listing.  Bright sidewalks give a fresh, new feel to a rental property and are a detail that many overlook.  When appropriate, be sure to pressure wash the outside of the building or home as well.  If you do this, just be sure ahead of time that the material you are using the pressure washer can stand up to the deep cleaning power and that you plan to do the entire home. This is particularly important with two-story homes or apartment buildings.

Curb Appeal Doesn’t Stop at the Curb, Don’t Forget the Front Door

Curb appeal isn’t all about plants and sidewalks. The front door is one of the first things one notices when approaching a property. You want the door to be inviting. This can be attained by re-painting or staining the door, as well as adding modern hardware.  Find a fresh spring color for the additional pop that will make your property stand out. The rest of the day visitors will be walking around other showings fondly saying, remember that one with the green door?  For an additional standout detail you can add seasonal, tasteful décor like a small wreath or sprig of fresh herbs to the door.

Final Touches for Optimal Curb Appeal

Clean windows inside and out.  Pressure washing won’t be enough, but is a good start.  Find some glass cleaner, get out a dust rag and put some elbow grease into it. Set out potted plants and outdoor furniture where appropriate. Update outdoor lighting with modern fixtures. Make sure the lights are working and that all the bulbs are the same color and wattage. Last, but not least, check to see if the house numbers are visible from the street.  Give everything a quick once-over and take photos while the property is at it’s best.

Learn more about the property management options in Austin available to you.

Curb Appeal Starts Online

When listing your property online, make sure that you have the most appealing photos of the outside of the home.  Do not take photos before you have fully completed all of the above-mentioned projects.  As hard as it may be to wait, the best time to take photos is once the last detail has been accounted for.  Maintenance is a must, because once your images go up online, this is the home people will be looking for when they come to check out the property.  Remember that pop of color on the door?  It has another great function; making your property easily identifiable. Keep things clean and fresh for your visitors who already have expectations in place before they ever set foot on the property.

As the saying goes; “You only get one chance to make a first impression.” When you follow these tips, you can be sure you will leave a lasting and positive impression on each person that encounters your lovely property. Contact TALK Property Management today.

5 Reasons It’s Time to Drop Your Bad Property Manager

Property management is all about doing the best work possible for property owners.  At least, that’s what we believe at Talk Property Management/Broker.  We know not everyone thinks this way and many agencies fail to live up to the standards set for them by their owners. If you find yourself in this situation, keep calm and hire a new property manager who will take care of you, your tenants and your property.

  • You’re Losing Money. If you are working with a property management company that can’t promote your property, doesn’t make time for you, isn’t keeping an eye on your investment and won’t deal with troublesome tenants, then you are definitely going to hurt in the long run, even if you aren’t currently.  The only way an owner can charge a premium for their property is if the property is being properly promoted and appropriately managed.
  • Good Tenants Will Leave. When there is an issue with difficult tenants and it isn’t dealt with properly, your otherwise happy tenants won’t stick around. One, it’s unfair to those who are considerate of others, keep things clean and make an effort to be good neighbors for someone else to be getting away with bad behavior.  Two, tenants who are behind on rent and stick around aren’t always likely to keep that information to themselves.  If your tenants who pay rent promptly on the due date get wind of this, you can guarantee they will be moving on or possibly adopt their own bad habits.
  • Your Name is Being Tarnished. They might take some of the heat, but ultimately it will come down to you, as the owner. If a situation arises that gets the attention of local government, activists, media or law enforcement it doesn’t matter whether or not you were aware of it, you are on the hook.  This is particularly important for property owners who live out of the city or state in which their property is located.  When you have no opportunity to even drive by and check in, you are at the mercy of your property manager.
  • You Can’t Get a Renter Interested in Your Property. You’ve listed the property, your property manager swears they are promoting it but can’t give you any real proof and you aren’t seeing any real interest, applications or activity that means much of anything.  In this situation, you may be paying for services that are not being provided or something has happened to the property that is keeping people from acting on it.  The reason could be anything from a dirty house, to insect issues, or something more serious like graffiti or massive damage to the interior of which you are unaware.  If you are dealing with this, it may be time to pay your investment property a little visit.
  • You’ve Been Getting Complaints. It takes a lot of aggravation for a tenant to not only track down owner information, but then to contact them directly. If you find you are receiving multiple direct calls or emails from tenants who are getting little to no response from property management, then you know business is not being taken care of and it is time to deal with the issue pronto before you start losing leases.

When you encounter a difficult or absentee property manager the frustration can drive you to believe maybe you would be better off managing the property yourself.  But, remember there was a reason you hired them in the first place.  You can find a partner in that has your interests and success at heart.  Work with one of the best property management companies in Austin, Texas, and get in touch with TALK Property Management today!

TALK Property Management is a Company You Can Trust

What makes TALK Property Management/Broker Different?

TALK Property Management/Broker is a full service company that puts your needs first. We are always just a phone call or email away. Ours is a company you can trust and rely on to take care of your investment and treat your tenants with respect.

TALK Property Management’s staff is knowledgeable, professional and courteous. Communication is very important to us. Whether your are an owner or a tenant, we keep you informed.

Our services include:TALK-Property-Management-Meaning

  • Monthly Accounting Reports
  • Automated Owner Distributions
  • Owner Portal with WebCloud Document Retrieval and Notifications
  • Multi Media Marketing and Leasing
  • Regular Property Inspections and Texas Property Code Compliance
  • Inexpensive Maintenance/Repair Vendors
  • Comprehensive Tenant Screening (Credit, Rental History, Criminal Check, Income Verification)

Give us a call and Let’s TALK! or click here to sign up for a free consultation.

Don’t Do it Alone: A Property Manager Makes Your Life Easier

Whether you are an individual owner or an agency, managing your own properties is an exceptionally daunting task. You may be unaware of all the time, stress, financial administration and paperwork that a skilled property manager can take off your hands. On the other hand, you may be reading this because you have already ventured in to self-management and realized that it is time to get some help. You’re in luck! TALK Property Management is here to teach you about what property management can do for you.

Property managers are your ambassadors.

They handle situations that arise with tenants as they occur. A good property manager not only takes care of tenant needs in a courteous, professional and timely manner, but keeps the property owner apprised of any and all issues, as well as their resolution. Keeping tenants happy with the service they receive is a main point of property management. Happy tenants = long term leases.

Property managers conquer the digital realm for you.

Do you have time to post on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Periscope, YouTube, LinkedIn and the like? Are you confident in the digital advertising space? What is your email marketing reach? Do you know what keywords will perform the best, which social networks work for you, how to target your audience demographics online or what SEM and SEO mean? No? When you hire a property manager, you don’t have to. Property managers in the digital age make sure they can work as hard for you online as off.

At TALK Property Management, our focus is YOU. The services we can offer you will make your life easier and ensure you are getting the highest exposure to top quality tenants. Once they are in the door, TALK will help you keep those excellent long-term renters happy with awesome and swift service. Click here to contact us today for a free property management consultation and let’s TALK.