How to Lease Your Property Faster with Upgrades

There is no doubt about it. Potential tenants are looking for more bang for their buck when it comes to renting these days. How does your property stand apart from other rental properties in your area? When it comes to the big picture, updating the interior and exterior of your rental property doesn’t have to have a huge price tag. It is the little things that renters appreciate. Here are some of the most common rental property upgrades you can make that will go a long way in attracting qualified tenants. 

Hardwood Floors vs. Carpet

Some of the best upgrades to do on a rental property in Austin include flooring. It is one of the first things most owners consider when taking on an update project. Even if the original shag carpet is still intact, now is the time to replace it. You’ll not only save yourself a ton of money in carpet cleaning fees; you’ll be able to install long-lasting floors that can withstand the test of time and tenant. Hardwood floors or vinyl planking that gives the appearance of hardwood are becoming more and more popular. However, some landlords are opting for a finished appearance of the concrete foundation as flooring.  

Paint Touch Ups 

Give the interior an updated look with a new, fresh coat of paint. Avoid bright accent walls or colors that won’t typically “go with everything” as your next tenant may have a completely different color scheme. Avoid flat paint if possible. High gloss paint is preferred as it is easier to remove scuff marks, and natural wear and tear Neutral colors go a long way in helping decide what color to update the walls. Use white glossy paint for the baseboards and door trims. 

Update the Cabinets

Consider updating the cabinet doors in the kitchen and bathrooms for a fresh look that will get your property leased in Austin. From the cabinet door to the modern hardware (or handles), you can avoid costly renovations by merely updating the paint, replacing the cabinet top, and changing out the doors. 

Replace Window Screens

It may seem like a small thing, and it is, but it will go a long way in providing that updated look to new prospects. Window screens should be replaced every few years as they take a lot of Mother Nature’s abuse. Consider energy-efficient window screens. That is always a huge selling point for tenants. If they think they can save money on utility bills, that is something they will factor into their decision. 

Replace Weatherstripping

Another small step to updating your rental property to attract ready tenants is to replace the weatherstripping to all door jams leading outside. It may not seem like much and is usually very inexpensive, but seeing that a landlord cares enough to ensure there aren’t gaps in the doorways is a considerable benefit in the minds of tenants.

Update the Curb Appeal

Whether you have a corner lot home for lease or have a condo for rent, curb appeal is what attracts ready tenants to your property. Make sure the exterior looks just as appealing as the interior. People want to feel at home after a long day of work. Make the entry welcoming. 

For more tips on updating your rental property in Austin so that it will lease faster, give us a call today to discuss more options at 512-721-1094. The Talk Property Management Team are experts when it comes to property management in the Greater Austin area. Let us put our expertise to work for you.

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