Quick Tips to Fix Up a Rental Property Without Breaking the Bank


Putting a little time and effort into your rental property can easily put you above the competition. Everyone tries when they are selling a home to make it look the best it can, which means pouring lots of dollars into renovations and appliances. Investors who are looking to rent a home cannot afford extensive work and don’t have the time to wait for such work to be done. Once a property becomes available for rent, it is a race to fill the space.  We have found some quick fixes to make sure your rental property looks it’s best without cutting into your profits.

Inexpensive Kitchen Upgrades for Rental Property

Don’t be afraid of a little color to start. Extremely bold colors aren’t necessary, but adding a pop of color to cabinets that are outdated or dark can open up a kitchen and change the entire look of the room. Once the paint is taken care of, matching, modern hardware is a must and small investment in the long run. Think storage and get creative. Hang fruit baskets, put up a pot rack and add an island if you have enough space.  Add backsplash, but it is not necessary to do so all the way around the kitchen. Use tiles for accents rather than spending an arm and a leg on covering the entire wall. Invest in the floor and make certain you get something neutral, stylized and (maybe most important) durable. Consider updating plumbing to modern fixtures that can stand up to heavy use.

Curb appeal plays a big part in the appeal of your rental property, learn more here.

Improve Bathroom Appeal on a Budget

Job one: Make sure everything matches. From doorknobs to light fixtures and even down to toilet paper holders, it should all go together. Mismatched fixtures are an immediate sign of age and will turn renters off quickly. Once again, pay special attention to the floor. If water damage has occurred, replace what is there with a water and mold resistant material.  Use color in the floor, make the bathroom fun! Choose a color palette to use in the bathroom décor. Storage is important here too if there isn’t a linen closet. Try to maximize space with corner shelves and towel hangers with multiple racks. Add a frame to a mirror, either modern or ornate, but it should definitely be eye-catching.  Last, but certainly not least, ensure there is ample, natural light.

Beautify Your Rental Property with some Minor Adjustments

Clean rooms from top to bottom, checking for cobwebs and dirt on baseboards. Clean windows and mirrors and do it well! Hire a cleaning crew if you feel the need to do so, it will be worth it. Paint where it’s needed, do not leave peeling paint or half-finished paint anywhere. Clean up the back yard, as well as the front. Deep clean carpets, shine wood floors and dust everything! Make sure fixtures, doorknobs and the like match throughout the home.  A uniform look is the best way to go in any home showing situation.

With minimal spend and a bit of work, the money saved and tenants earned will be worth it! If you would like to discuss more about what TALK Property Management can do for you contact us today!

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