4 Tips to Prepare Your Rental Property for Cold Weather Pests

While the weather hasn’t cooled down much in Texas yet…make no mistake; winter is coming – well, Texas’ version. And, even though our winters don’t bring much snow at all (if any), there is still a chance for cold weather pest problems. How do you protect your investment from these unwelcome intruders? Here’s a look at a few tips to prepare your rental property:

cold weather pests

Seal possible entry points
Walk around the inside and outside of the home and look for any deteriorating structure or holes that a pest can fit through. Keep in mind; no hole is too small. Also, make sure your drains are covered with screens or metal gates to keep rats out of the sewer pipes.

Keep the exterior clear of debris and shrubbery
Clear any piles of debris around the house that may act as a hiding or access point for potential pest intruders. While you’re at it, also think about trimming any overhanging branches as these can act as a ladder/bridge for pests to access the home.

Pass along these tips to your tenants to ensure they don’t have any pest problems during their lease:

Store trash safely
While many know to store food safely inside your home, it is equally as important to store your trash safely, too. Trash all over the place can attract pests to your home. With that in mind, make sure to remind your tenants to keep their trash in a secure and sealed trash can. Don’t forget to eliminate any pools of water, as these can also attract pests.

Check for signs of pest activity 
Inspect both the inside and outside of the home for signs of pest activity by looking for rodent droppings of shed bed bug skins. Looking outside can ensure you catch the issue before the pests find their way inside.

Find a pest problem? Call a professional in Austin to help you remove any unwanted visitors. If you’re looking for a recommendation, give TALK Property Management a call. We have a list of trusted professionals we would be happy to share with you!