Tips To Ensure Your Home Price Is In Line With The Market

As the Austin housing market shifts, it has become even more difficult for homeowners to accurately price their homes. Too high and interested parties will back out, too low and you won’t turn a profit. While it is still a seller’s market in Central Texas, on the other side of the transaction, buyers and renters are gaining more leverage. There is a statewide cooling in the demand for homes as inventory increases, prices return to more reasonable growth rates, and competition cools. 

While this might alarm some sellers, there is still plenty to be done. Sellers that are in tune with the current real estate market are adjusting their prices and continuing to see substantial profits on their properties.

Partnering with a seasoned real estate professional continues to be the best path to success as you navigate pricing your home and the current market. As you consider your options, here are some tips on accurately pricing your home.

Get A Home Valuation Estimate

These estimates can act as excellent starting points as you research pricing and can be extremely useful when making any comparisons to other listed properties. We at TALK Property Management ensure our clients have a well-rounded understanding of their situation every step of the way through our comparative market analysis.

Review Other Listings

Pay attention to the market. Check listing sites for similar properties and their current listed price to gain a better understanding of where your home value falls. However, there is much more happening in the background than you might realize. Inspect how long each property has been on the market and if there have been any recent price reductions. 

Sellers can easily avoid losing potential buyers and renters to overpricing by connecting with an experienced real estate partner and getting a useful estimate of their home value. If you would like to learn more about your local market and discover the best price for your home, contact TALK Property Management today!