How To Warm Up Your Bathroom For Winter

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Texas is in for some frigid air and cold temperatures this winter, and nothing is worse than stepping out of the warm shower onto cold tile floors in your bathroom. Luckily, we have six easy tips to warm up your bathroom this winter!


Seal Your Windows

Cold air can get inside even through the smallest of gaps. So make sure to check around the glass and frames to feel for drafts and caulk the edges if needed. In addition, keep the blinds up on days when the sun is shining. The sunlight will raise the temperature in the bathroom slightly and help with any cold air.


Add Warm Decor And Paint

Paint isn’t going to help you feel physically warmer, but painting and decorating with warmer tones can help give the room a warmer feel. Bold, warm colors like red, orange, or yellow or cozier options like taupe and creams are great options.


Update Your Showerheads

Shower heads are usually only replaced if they break or stop working, but consider this an opportunity to update them. Many water-efficient showerheads use less hot water than older models, meaning you can take longer showers and conserve water. In addition, the longer shower will make the bathroom warmer when you step out.


Change Your Lightbulbs

Heated light bulbs may not make a huge difference, but they will help, especially in small areas like bathrooms. Most heated light bulbs are energy efficient, which is different from traditional light bulbs, and they provide light and heat in one!


Install A Heated Towel Rack

Pretend you’re at the spa all year long and have a heated towel rack installed. Most heated towel racks are electric, but some can be connected to your hot water system. Depending on which type you decide on, you may need a plumber or electrician to install it.


Add Heated Floors

If you want to get fancy, you can add heated floors to your bathroom. Not only will they keep your feet warm, but they will radiate heat throughout the entire bathroom and help dry up wet floors faster. 


Incorporating a few or all of these tips will help bring some warmth into your bathroom this winter. If you have any questions or need recommendations, reach out to us! We are always here to help.

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