The 3 Things Every Family Home Should Have

Remodels can be daunting projects to undertake, especially as prices continue to rise. It can be easy to get lost in the countless projects and seemingly necessary upgrades to make your home appealing to the broadest audience. While researching the best features that will enhance your property, remember that some desires are universal – functionality, a flow of design, and space to connect. The following are some essential home design features that will set your home apart.

Smart Storage

Homes can get messy very quickly without proper storage. But the stylish homeowner doesn’t want to stare at overflowing hampers, stuffed dressers, and cluttered desks. Smart storage allows for space to contain the chaos. Oversized baskets in the living room and play spaces, storage benches in the entryway, and elegant cabinetry are all excellent ways to incorporate more serenity into the home.

Custom Comfort

Comfort can mean something different in every home, but the feature itself is an absolute necessity. Of course, the sofa is the first piece of furniture that comes to mind when speaking of comfort. While comfort is the priority when selecting these pieces, keep in mind form and functionality as you design the space.

Luminous Lighting

Surprisingly, lighting is a commonly overlooked feature in many homes. However, it is noticed immediately when done improperly. Lighting is known to significantly affect the mood, aesthetics, and even your home’s temperature! Color, intensity, placement, and artificial versus natural light are all aspects to consider. 

Whether you are navigating the remodeling process or simply looking to add a refreshing dimension to your family home, consider these design essentials. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!

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