7-Day Plan For an Organized Home Office

7-Day Plan For an Organized Home Office

The new year is almost here, but you don’t have to wait until it’s 2021 to change! Start the new year with an organized home office. With sudden changes in shutdowns and everything else that 2020 has brought, working from home might not have been in your original plan. Now is the perfect time to finish this year strong and start 2021 with an organized home office.

While this is written as a 7-day plan, the time required may vary, depending on your home office size and organizational needs.

Day One: Paper

Get your recycling can out and get ready to declutter the paper on your desk. Don’t feel defeated if your desk initially looks messier than when you started. It’s part of the organizational process! 

Ask yourself, “Do I need to keep this?” Sometimes we keep things because we’re unsure of how long we need to keep them. So, this step might require some additional research to discover what to keep and for how long. 

Once you’ve answered that question, it’s time to sort and stack paperwork. Use quick, temporary labels for your categories as you work. If you have documents that don’t belong in your office, return them to where they belong immediately. 

Day Two: Space

Day two is for increasing available space. With your now newly stacked and organized paperwork, review it once more to remove duplicates. Consider scanning the documents to the cloud–if you haven’t become a paperless home office yet, today is an ideal day to make the switch!

Day Three: Organize

Day three is all about discovering an organizational system that works for you. Some ideas are clipboards on the wall, wall-mounted cups containing office supplies, labeled, open-top baskets on shelves, or traditional files.

Day Four: Clean

Now that everything has a home and is organized (the hardest part!), it’s time to clean so your office is a more pleasant place in which to spend time. Cleaning tasks typically include vacuuming the floor, window treatments, high corners, and lampshades, wiping down shelves and surfaces with a damp cloth, cleaning your computer monitor, and using a keyboard duster or cotton swabs to remove dust in between the keys on your keyboard. Plants are also a great way to help freshen the air. 

Day Five: Comfort

You’ve cleaned and organized. Now you need to assess the comfort level of your office. Your home office should be comfortable and inviting. Does your chair have proper support? Consider upgrading your lighting or adding a stool under your desk for a footrest. 

Day Six: Decor

Let the creativity begin! The beauty of a home office is the location, your home. Personalize your office with photos, treasures, fabrics, or office supplies that really express your style. Add flowers or candles for fragrance. Make it truly, uniquely yours.

Day Seven: Maintenance 

Now that the hardest part is finished, focus on upkeep. Handle paperwork as soon as you receive it rather than letting them pile up, note documents with their life cycle, schedule a weekly time to empty your inbox, and remove any cups or other kitchen supplies daily. 


Now you’re ready to tackle 2021 with a spotless and organized office! If you need help lightening your workload, contact TALK Property Management to see how our services can help you as an owner, property manager, or real estate investor. We are here to help–(512) 721-1094 or dbrown@talkpropertymanagement.com. 

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