Tips to Prevent Winter Maintenance Nightmares

As the summer heat slowly dissipates and the occasional cold burst arrives, property managers and landlords have a lot of risks to consider. To ensure a smooth winter transition, and to avoid conflicts with tenants, consider taking some of these steps.

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash
Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

Check on the water heater
Hot water is always appreciated – especially in the winter. A malfunction and the time required for maintenance can cause unwanted friction between a landlord and their tenants. Consider looking into water heater repair plans from places like HomeServe, National Water Heater or American Residential Warranty to get immediate service while avoiding an emergency fee. Not only will it save you money, but it will also resolve the issue quickly and leave your tenants happy.

Check on ventilation
Mold can cause both tenant conflict and property damage. While neither of those are fun experiences, it is best you keep an open line of communication with your tenants regarding the ventilation. Whether that is asking them about the status of the bathroom fan, or asking if the AC is ever perspiring, it is essential to know where possible mold issues will arise. Generally, a tenant won’t think about the possibility of a problem until it has already become a problem, hence why you need to be proactive.

Protect your investment
Your investment property is a year-round project. Keep in mind, the property is your investment, and being proactive and involved are the best ways to ensure a high return. Have an emergency number for your tenants to reach you, and be responsive, but not invasive. Having an open dialogue with your tenants makes for a great partnership and a great protection of your investment.

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