How to Maintain Your Property for Cold Weather

Cold Weather in Texas

While it may not snow much here in Central Texas, cold weather still has a number of effects on your investment and personal properties. To mitigate risks of leaks and other cold weather issues, here is a list to prepare your properties to be cold weather resistant:

Check your HVAC system

Numerous properties have both central air and heating in one device. As central air is a necessity in the summer, so too is heating during the cold snaps of winter. Checking on your HVAC units multiple times a year can ensure peak performance and save you money, both from efficiency costs and repair work.

Replace air filters

Clean air is always a good idea, but did you know that dirty air filters can reduce air flow, both hot and cold? Air filters get dirty and then recycle the dirt through the property if not promptly replaced. Change your air filters every three months, ensuring an efficient and running system.

Cleaning and maintaining your furnace

Your furnace gets dusty, and that can cause it to get clogged if you are not diligent. Consider dusting it, both inside and out, to keep performance optimal. When cleaning the inside, make sure to turn off both the thermostat and the breaker, to be safe.

Air-seal your ductwork

As time passes, your ducts become less powerful due to leaks and various other issues caused by time or mismanagement. If you air-seal all of your ducts, your air will route adequately and save you money from a more efficient heating and cooling system. Sealing will also decrease the likelihood of molds and dust accumulating in your ducts.

Programmable thermostats

Having these devices in all of your properties can save money and energy for all involved. You can program the thermostat to keep it above or below certain temperatures during different times of the day. If done correctly, this can improve efficiency and lower electricity bills.

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